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i’m not sure exactly what the step is. or maybe it’s more like a formula. a combination of ingredients that needed a catalyst for the final reaction.
but the change, it happened. it started this week.
and i started at home. with the one’s i love most.
then it spread out. to other people. strangers. new friends.
then to old one’s who’d been walking beside me from time to time. extending hands that i wouldn’t take.
then to a larger community where i feel confident and free to express myself without reservation.
i found community. or rather, i claimed it. it was always there waiting for me. though i couldn’t see it.
it was a choice. a choice i had to choose.
through vulnerable honesty.
making my apologies.
giving gratitude and appreciation
where it was long due.

but before i touched
and was touched
by people.
i had to trust Creator.
give up my second guessing.
do all i can
with all i am
that Life has my back.

to reject Victim
to not accept that role
to not accept the parts
others wanted me to play
to say, “no. i do not accept
that version of me
you’re trying to project.
THIS is who i am.”
not needing approval
for who i am
asserting my right
as a human being
to participation
in the common experience
on my own terms

not one based on shame or blame
not agreeing to play by worn out
rules and power structures
that don’t serve

i will shine whether you like it or not
i will not dim for your comfort
and encourage you to
step forward and claim
your SHINE, too

when we SHINE
we’re brighter
then if we shone

let’s do this!



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you’ve said your prayer. you will get an answer. you cannot put that answer back once you receive it if you do not like it. so be sure you know what you’re asking for. when you walk away from here you have the choice of putting down the prayer, leaving it here and picking up the answer. to live in a new way from that moment forth. to be healed. or you may carry the prayer out with you keeping the same problem or illness you had when you entered. you choose.
- john braveheart


I don’t care how this picture happened. I love it


I don’t care how this picture happened. I love it

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practice night

once upon a time…
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